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ERYAP Construction and Trade Co.

Company Autobiography


        ERYAP Construction and Trade Co. had been established in 1989, in order to perform military buildings and special military facilities as a contractor. The firm specifically joins tenders and undertakes constructions works given by the Ministry of National Defence, Infrastructure Bureau of NATO. The company, as well as performing NATO constructions, had built technological office buildings, the land being the property of the company itself.

        Before the formation of ERYAP Construction and Trade Co., firm's largest shareholder Mr. Erkan YILAL, had done similar successful constructions with the above mentioned employer since 1965. After 1989, the company has been continuing its efforts under ERYAP Construction and Trade Co.

        The performed NATO construction works, including aircraft shelters are distinctive works that ask for a special technology high quality and security requirements in infrastructure, mechanical and electrical/electronic devices. And due to the classified nature, seeks for contractors that hold NATO Security Certificates.

        ERYAP Construction and Trade Co. had been classified as a Special Degree contractor in Abu Dhabi. The presentation and related documents of the company has been given in the following pages, for your review.

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