Quality Policy
                        Eryap İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş.
                Quality, Environment and OHS Policy

We warrant
Ø  That, for our institutional contracts, we shall provide adequateservices timely on dates indicated in contracts,

Ø  That we, with the consciousness that they directly affect the quality ofour services, shall evaluate performances of our suppliers,

Ø  That we shall contribute to personal development and to our servicequality by means of personnel trainings,

Ø  That we shall not harm the ecological balance with any activity of ourcompany,

Ø  That we shall work for developing environmental awareness of theconcerned parties,

Ø  That we shall ensure that wastes are reused and recycled, when it ispossible to minimize it at its source, and that wastes that cannot be used aredisposed by means of appropriate methods,

Ø  That we shall provide any kind of protection that are necessary to preventnegative effects that may be inflicted on the health of our employees and of thepeople who are to be affected by our activities, and to control accidents,damages and dangers, which may happen to our and other people's properties, whilethey still are at the beginning phase.

Ø  That we shall make the Management Integrated System approach thephilosophy of life, by improving our employees' awareness of the environmentand occupational health and safety in this direction,

Ø  That we, with the same sensitivity, shall also monitor the hazardsrelated to occupational health and safety, and that we shall exert effortsrequired to minimize them,

Ø  That we shall comply with our legal obligations, the applicable environmentaland OHS legislation, and the requirements of the organizations that we aremember of,

Ø  That we shall make the management understanding, the philosophy ofcontinuous development, its management and system comply with the MANAGEMENTSYSTEM in all processes and continuously improve its efficiency, make allpersonnel internalize it, and that, in this direction, we shall increase themarket share, profitability and competitiveness,

Ø  That we, by following technological innovations in the sectorsimultaneously with the world and with our management staff and our educatedcontemporary personnel, shall meet our customers' needs and expectations inaccordance with the management system requirements,

Ø  That, by making TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and TS ENISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Standards implementable, weshall continuously improve, develop our services and improve theireffectiveness, and continuously develop and improve our management system.

Ø  That we shall continuously develop and improve our Management IntegratedSystem.


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